Preserving the legacy of the Mississippi heroinesof the Civil Rights Movement.

When a social worker and a psychiatrist got lost in Mississippi, they met a woman who said “If you’ve got a tape recorder, we’ve got stories.” From that serendipitous moment comes a powerful documentary and book.

Standing On My Sisters’ Shoulders

If you can show just one film on the Civil Rights Movement, this should be the one.

~ Professor Priscilla Murolo
(Sarah Lawrence College)

This award-winning documentary about the Mississippi Civil Rights heroines has been shown worldwide and has inspired those who have seen it to register to vote and become active in the continuing struggle for equal rights.

Pieces From the Past Voices of Heroic Women in Civil Rights voice to courageous black and white women whose determination, selflessness and sacrifices were instrumental in the success of the civil rights movement...

~ Ione D. Vargas, Ph.D.
(former Dean, School of Social Work, Temple University )

This remarkable collection of essays reflects the stories of 13 women, black and white, as they share, in their own words, their struggles against racial intolerance and injustice in the segregated South. The fear, heartbreak, and triumph they experienced vividly jumps off the page in each incredible story.