Fannie Lou Hamer and June Johnson Jailed

Several activists, including 14 year-old June Johnson and Fannie Lou Hamer went to a civil rights training and were unjustly arrested and beaten. Fannie Lou Hamer emerged as a mentor and inspiration to the student activists.

Mae Bertha Carter and Family

7 Carter family children become the first to integrate the schools in Sunflower County, MS in the 1960s. Mother, Mae Bertha, and daughter Gloria talk about the harrowing experience an how the Carter children overcame adversity and went on to earn university degrees.


The Film’s Opening Song: “Freedom Will Come”

“Freedom Will Come” was ung by June Pointer of the Pointer Sisters. It was custom composed for the film by John Goodwin and Rob Arbittier with lyrics by Laura Lipson, and recorded at Noisy Neighbors Studio.