Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland was raised in Virginia, but played an important part in the Mississippi Civil Rights movement when she applied to the black Tougaloo College. She felt integration should not be left solely to the black students. On arrival in Mississippi, she was arrested for her Civil Rights activities, and spent the summer at Hines County jail. She was an active SNCC member and participated in the first sit-in at the Jackson Woolworth’s. What started out as a peaceful demonstration, erupted into mob violence. When someone grabbed Joan by her hair and dragged her through the hostile crowd toward the exit, she managed to break free and rejoin the sit-in. This incident was a catalyst for the student Civil Rights movement in Jackson. She now teaches Civil Rights History to her elementary school students in Arlington, Virginia. She is featured in Standing On My Sisters’ Shoulders and wrote an autobiographical essay in Pieces from the Past.